About Me

Germany-based Chinese and English translator and interpreterMy name is Denise. I am a Germany-based translator and interpreter between Chinese and English.

I have been working professionally as a freelance translator and interpreter between Chinese and English since early 2008. Prior to that, I was involved in industries such as legal, education, public services and many more, which provided me with the diverse knowledge needed for being a skillful translator and interpreter.

Furthermore, having lived and worked in different parts of the world, including Taiwan, South Africa, U.K., Kazakhstan, China and, currently, Germany, has enriched my experience, both personal and professional.

Being a good translator and interpreter demands more than simply linguistic proficiency; cultural awareness plays a critical role and often affects translation accuracy and quality. My multi-lingual and -cultural background has reinforced my perceptiveness and inquisitiveness to all things new, which are essential to my profession.

My job primarily involves translating texts of all genres and industries from Chinese into English and vice versa. Additionally, I act as an interpreter for industry-leading clients from around the globe at business meetings, trade fairs, exhibitions and major events. However, I offer more than simply linguistic services; very often I help clients understand the target culture and assist them through the quagmire of cross-cultural negotiations. I have also helped clients organise their business trips on many occasions and served as their local liaison.

The different assignments for which I am engaged not only demand constant learning and knowledge acquisition, but also expose me to people from all walks of life, which has trained me to become a proficient communicator and helped to hone my people skills. Both of which are prerequisites for a competent interpreter in addition to linguistic and cultural proficiency.

It is therefore always exciting to charter into unknown territories – or industries, as in my case – and advance my knowledge. Equally interesting are the opportunities to explore in depth sectors with which I am familiar, as I can bring with me existing knowledge and build upon it.

Thank you for your interest and I look forward to hearing from you.